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Personality Table Talk - The MOST Innovative Leadership and Team-Building Tool
Quest Reports:
The best personality test and report for:
  • More results & productivity
  • Better relationships
  • Less conflict and more harmony
  • Less confusion and more understanding
  • Learn about your strengths, AND also learn how to improve.
Quest Reports are both positive and real. 
Used for:
  • Business and personal insights
  • Team training performance
  • Relationship and people skills
  • Hiring and HR
  • Career direction and help
  • Sales and Customer Service
Personality Table Talk™©:
Personality Table Talk™© is an innovative online tool that that equips leaders with instant, real-time, information on their team members behaviors and how to lead them at a click of a button.
You will receive a:
10 Plus Page Report with 4 Interactive Tables that Equip Teams and Leaders in four critical areas:
  • Problems and Challenges
  • People and Information
  • Pace and Change
  • Rules and Procedures
$49.95 (This is a one time fee per person and can be used again and again for all teams. Includes the Quest Report.)
“An effective tool to decrease conflict and increase productivity!”
“In less than one session you will be able to identify both the assets and liabilities of the teams assembled!”
“Unlike so many confusing tools out there that promise a lot, but give very little- Table Talk - JUST WORKS!”
Become Trained and Certified to Use Personality Table Talk™:
You are invited to participate in this interactive learning opportunity to maximize your effectiveness as a leader or team member in your organization. You will learn how to understand your strengths, and how they blend with others to make a stronger whole.
Some of the topics covered include:  
  • Discover how others in the team see you
  • How to build trust and rapport with others 
  • Understand varying viewpoints, and why they are healthy for a good team
  • Handling difficult personalities
  • Tips on lasting relationships, at work and at home
  • How to diffuse arguments
  • Deal with objections optimistically
  • And More!

For availability and pricing to have Pete present this dynamic seminar to your team, email us at or call 281.360.0861.
Note: Variations of Personality Table Talk are also Copyrighted - Round, Octagon, Pentagon shapes are a variation of the original design.
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