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Personality Table Talk - The MOST Innovative Leadership and Team-Building Tool
  • Are you about to change leadership or management?
  • Could you use a tool that will immediately give your leaders an edge to build trust and communication with any team?
  • Do you have a team in transition?
  • Are you about to hire new employees?
  • Would you like higher retention and lower turn over?
  • Are you looking for higher productivity?
  • Interested in less conflict and stress?
  • Are you wanting to build stronger and more creative teams?
We can HELP!
Personality Table Talk is the most innovative online leadership and team-building tool on the market. 
How does your team respond to:
• Problems & Challenges
• People & Information
• Pace & Change
• Rules & Procedures
“Hilarious, masterful, entertaining, interesting, down to earth, inspiring, discerning, low maintenance, happy, focused content, original, a lifelong learner and friend business partner for more than 20 years. World class Communicator, Relevant, Highly Impact-full, Memorable; The tougher the crowd, the greater the results; Ask him to deliver "Table Talk" with a room full of people who" can't, won't , don't" get along. Your team will become a better team and walk away with stuff they will be using for the rest of their lives and will want Pete to come back again.”
Rick Herceg - Director at Veritas Classical Schools Atlanta, GA Northwest
“Pete is a rare talent, one-on-one, in the classroom, and presnting to large audiences. His understanding of human behavior and grasp of practical applications of the DISC model make him an ideal speaker to inspire and enlighten.”
Emile Paradis, Owner, The Referral Company, LLC dba RPM Advisors
Founder, Creator of Personality Table Talk
Author, Master Trainer and Award Winning Educator
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